Archived Stories
from the Road

In this section you will find all of the chapters that have been written to date for my next book, GROWING UP SOUTHERN - Stories from the Attic of Childhood Memories, beginning with the Prologue, Introduction and Chapters 1 through 5. Some of them are just outlines to be converted to narrative before the book is published. I'm planning to begin writing the next chapter of GROWING UP SOUTHERN in the near future.

Also in the Archives, you will find previous short stories like The Web of Life that I've written in the past for the Stories From The Road section as well. Hope you enjoy reading about my journey on the road of life.



Growing Up Southern
Stories from the Attic of Childhood Memories

Southern Cooking

Mothers and Daughters
Benson, North Carolina
Chapter 1

Leesburg, Florida
Chapter 2

Garden Party
San Anselmo, California
Chapter 3

Morris Girls Road Trip
North Carolina, Georgia & Florida
Chapter 4

High School Class Reunions
North Carolina & Florida
Chapter 5

Life Update, December, 2012

Last Year, February, 2011

The Web of Life, June 7, 2009
Marin County, California

Memorial Day, May 28, 2007
Marin County, California

December 31, 2006
Santa Fe, New Mexico

August 10, 2006
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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